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Make the perfect brioche!

Move over sourdough there’s a new bread in town! Check out this perfect brioche recipe.

500 gr wheat flour
10 gr salt
50 gr sugar
25 gr yeast
10 gr water
5 eggs
300 gr soft butter in cubes

1. Mix yeast, water and eggs together in a stirring kettle until the yeast has
2. Add flour, sugar and salt to stir the kettle. Run at half power until the
dough is smooth.
3. Add the soft butter a little at a time and run until the dough is combined.
4. Divide the dough into 2 greased baking molds (1-liter molds) approx.
550 gr dough in each mold.
Bake according to the following method:
– Proving at 35 °C – 40% fan – 40 minutes
– CombiSmart – 180 °C – 100% humidity -100% fan – 8 minutes
– Hot Air – 160 °C – 100% fan – exhaust closed – 15 minutes
– Hot Air – 170 °C – 100% fan – exhaust closed – 10 minutes

Chef’s Tip
The dough is also good for small mold breads and burger buns.

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