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Sourdough Starter and Bread Rolls

We would love to hear your sourdough stories. Looking online, you’d think everyone has perfected the sourdough starter but it’s a challenge! Have you tried baking your own?

We’ve shared a great HOUNÖ recipe for you to try:

Sourdough Starter – 5 portions

250gr Rye flour
250gr Durum flour
250gr Plain flour
750gr Water


1. Mix all ingredients together, store in a plastic container with a lid. Leave a corner of the lid open so the mix can get some air.
2. Let it sit in room temp for 2-4 days until sour
3. Mix it daily. After fermenting, the sourdough mix can be used to make sourdough roll or rye bread. The mix can also be frozen down for use in the future

Chef’s Tip

It’s great to always have sourdough ready in the freezer so you can make fantastic bread whenever you feel like it. You can also use the previous mix to add to future mixes.

Sourdough Bread Rolls


10g Yeast
200g Sourdough Starter
400g Water
450g Plain flour
150g Wheat flour
20g Salt


1. Mix yeast, sourdough, water, plain flour and wheat flour in a mixing machine. Use the dough hook and mix at full speed for approx. 10 mins or until the dough no longer sticks to the hook.
2. Let the dough stand for 2 minutes in the mixing bowl
3. Add the salt to the mix and mix well.
4. Transfer the dough to containers pre sprayed with fat spray and store in fridge overnight 5. The dough will rise to 3 times the size overnight. Flour a work surface, turn out the dough carefully keeping the air in the dough. Cut into rustic bread rolls
6. Lay on 20mm HOUNÖ non-stick trays.

Bake the bread using the following cooking steps – Preheat – 270 ° C – 1 min – Note – Insert bread – CombiSmart – 250 ° C – 100% Fan speed – 90 Humidity – 2 minutes – Hot Air – 250 ° C – 100% Fan speed – Closed exhaust – 3 min – Hot Air – 210 ° C – 100% Fan speed – Closed exhaust – 12 seconds manual steam injection – 3 min – Hot Air – 200 ° C – 100% Fan speed – Closed exhaust – 10 seconds manual steam injection – 3 min – Hot Air – 220 ° C – 100% Fan speed – Open exhaust – 3 min

Chef’s Tip

The dough can also be used to make loaves or baguettes.

Enjoy! Be sure to tag us if you try this recipe @idscatering on social media or #dancerecipes

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