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Are you using a commercial ware washer for your dishes and glasses?

We’ve laid out some really handy maintenance tips to ensure your investment is running to its full potential:

Daily Tips

• Switch off power                     • Remove basket                   • Leave door open
• Drain machine                         • Remove filters
• Wash filters                               • Wipe interior
• Top up chemicals                   • Rinse out

Additional Weekly Tips

• Remove wash arms
• Strip and clean arms
• Wash machine internally with Renovater
• Regenerate water softener (If fitted)

Before placing glasses, cups or plates into the machine 5 simple steps to follow:

1. Remove lemon slices and cocktail sticks or food scraps – The machine is not a waste disposal unit
2. Manually Remove Lipstick – The machine cannot do this automatically
3. Discard any drink residues into the sink – The wash water is only refreshed between 10 & 20% each cycle
4. Do not wash or empty ashtrays into the machine
5. Do not interrupt or shorten the wash cycle – To effectively clean & dry a full cycle is essential

Other tips for the maintenance of glasses

Renovate ALL glasses bi-monthly – Invisible detergent residues will damage a beer head. Caustic detergents visually damage glasses
Renovate all new glasses before use – New glasses are coated in a mould release agent and this will damage a beer head

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