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Foster EcoPro G2 EP1/2H (12-102) 280 Ltr Stainless Steel Refrigerated Counter

£ 2,399.99 inc. VAT

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Looking for a refrigerated food prep counter? Choose the EcoPro G2 from Foster with worktop, 2 doors, 4 shelves and GN 1/1 compatibility.



  • High quality 304 stainless steel exterior build quality
  • ECA Scheme Approved – as ECA products are guaranteed to be energy efficient, money can be claimed back on your investment
  • Fully floating lock provides durable security and prevents lock breakage if the key is left in
  • Energy-saving hydrocarbon refrigerant option at no extra cost
  • Concealed refrigeration system maximises capacity with a tidy and practical interior
  • Dimensions: 865(H) x 1415(W) x 700(D)mm
  • Electrical supply: 230/50/1
  • Capacity: 280 Litre
  • Number of shelves: 4 supplied (to fit GN 1/1)
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Temperature Range: 1°C to 4°C
  • Finish: 304 stainless steel exterior / aluminium interior
  • Unpacked weight: 123 KG
  • Packed weight: 140 KG



This versatile stainless steel built refrigerated food prep counter offers chilled storage space together with a worktop that doubles as a food  preparation workstation. The EcoPro G2 EP1/2H is a robustly constructed, compact unit for storing and prepping food-to-go: delicious ethnic street foods, wraps, salads, pizza and sandwiches. Also, this appliance is GN 1/1 compatible so it’s easy to transfer ingredients or prepared meals and GN dishes from one appliance to another, for example to a bain marie or an oven range.

Suitable for restaurants, fast food retailers, takeaways and cafés, the fridge capacity of 280 litres and worktop space of 1415 mm x 700 mm also make it useful for larger premises including canteens, hotels, schools and institutions. Foodstuffs are always easily accessible – and at the optimum chill temperature.

Manufactured in the UK by Foster this technologically advanced appliance – utilising 304 grade stainless steel and an aluminium interior – offers highly efficient refrigeration and quality insulation; temperature recovery is excellent, it’s always an important consideration in popular catering outlets where door opening and closing can occur dozens of times a day.

The EP1/2H is a 2 door refrigerator with a total internal volume of 280 litres. The dimensions of the appliance are 865 mm (H) x 1415 mm (W) x 700 mm (D) – the depth is 1113 mm with fully open doors. The net weight is 123 kilos with a gross packed weight for delivery of 140 kilos. 80 mm castors are fitted as standard, alternatively height adjustable legs are available as an option in 100 mm or 150 mm sizes. The unit requires a standard plug socket to run, and a 13 amp plug is factory fitted. It’s important that 150mm airspace is maintained around the counter; this ensures the unit will function efficiently. So when you are measuring up, please ensure you take this into consideration.

The operating temperature range is +1°C to +4°C and the unit will perform well in ambient temperatures up to 40°C. The unit operates quietly with a decibel rating of 65.2 Dba at 1 metre. Similar to that of an iphone, the control panel is touch sensitive and hidden until lit. A fully floating lock provides security and prevents lock breakage if the key is left in. 4 shelves are supplied as standard with GN 1/1 shelves, trayslides and extra nylon coated shelves available. Stainless steel interiors are available as options. The concealed refrigeration system is located to the left, optimising capacity and providing an attractive yet practical exterior to the unit.

Foster is an innovative leader in refrigeration technology and this product is ECA Scheme approved. Energy efficiency means saving on energy costs – a key overhead in commercial kitchens – and a greener environment. There are optimum levels of insulation of 60 mm throughout the unit.

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