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Metcalfe NS350AG Extra Heavy Duty Fully Automatic Gear Driven Slicer

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Product Description:

Metcalfe NS350AG Automatic Belt Driven Slicer

The NS350AG is designed for handling larger volumes Suited to large restaurants, supermarkets, delis, butchers and central production kitchens canteens, where high volume slicing of a variety of meat types is required and precise control of the automatic slicing feature is necessary It’s covered by Metcalfe’s 2 year warranty 1st year parts and labour, 2nd year parts only and full after sales service. Recommended for usage up to 5 hours per day.


Product Specifications:

* Blade size 350mm
* Cutting capacity H210 x W275mm or diameter 260mm
* Maximum slice thickness 13mm
* Thickness control gives cut from 0 to 13mm
* Easy set thickness control allows for precision slicing
* Can be used as a fully automatic or switched to manual
* Simple, intuitive touch control panel for multiple options
* Optional slice counter available
* 3 carriage movement lengths can be selected
* 3 carriage speed settings to suit the delicacy of sliced food
• 3 blade speed settings available for accurate slicing
* Blade ring safety guard protection
* Hi visibility CE approved safety glass
* Secure feet to eliminate movement
* Numerous accessories available from the options below
* Designed for handling larger volumes
* Hollow ground chromed carbon steel blade
* Smooth cutting action and silent running
* Made from highly polished, anodised food grade aluminium
* Effortlessly handles loads like bacon and large pieces of meat
* Gear driven to stop slipping with heavier loads
* Ideal for Parma ham, Serrano ham, Bresaola and salami
* Two motors, one for the blade & one for carriage movement
* Carriage slides on ball bearings for smooth carriage glide
* Interlocked and safe guarded for compliance of CE legislation.
* Large base to ensure slicer copes with large products
* Transparent slicing guard for user safety whilst slicing
* Carriage, blade, cover and sharpening unit are detachable
* Built-in, self-aligning sharpening and de-burring unit
* Weight 50kg
* Electric 570W, 230V, UK plug
* H850 x W1030 x D890mm

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