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OE8701 – Lincat Opus 800 Electric Free-standing Pasta Cooker – W 400 mm – 6.0 kW

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Spec Sheet: OE8701

Product Manual: IS596

Full Description:

If you’re looking for a pasta boiler, steamer and Bain Marie but don’t have the space for all of these appliances, then you’ll love the Opus 800 Electric Pasta Boiler, which can do all of these things. Whether you’re cooking in a large pub or a restaurant, save valuable space with the flexible pasta boiler that’s also a steamer and a Bain Marie. With direct connection to the water supply and waste, the boiler comes with a starch removal system to keep water fresh, as well as boil dry protection. Then there’s the two position water setting, which allows for a fast fill or a trickle fill to maintain the water level while cooking.


Features & Benefits Overview

  • Flexible – can be used as a pasta boiler, steamer or bain marie, saving valuable space
  • Two position water setting: fast fill, or trickle fill for maintaining water level while cooking
  • Direct connection to water supply and waste
  • Starch removal system keeps water fresh
  • Boil dry protection

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