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We have a new Director!

He will not like that we’ve put this picture up but it certainly needs to be shared! This is Jamie shaking hands with his Grandad, Ian Dance, on starting his work experience back in 2005!

As a business created by Ian Dance over 30 years ago, we are a company who have consistently evolved through the generations and 2020 is no different.

From embracing the ever-changing regulations of the catering industry to the trials that can come within family-life, we’ve openly encouraged support from the rising ranks of the family.

Having been run by Ian’s sons Bruce and Glynn Dance for the past 10 years, we are pleased to announce the promotion of Bruce’s son, Jamie, to Director. Jamie has worked as a highly skilled engineer within the team for the past five years and is excited to lead the way for the future.

Bruce said; “It is such a pleasure for us to be continuing Dad’s work by being able to keep evolving and growing as a company. As we move towards the changing tides of the catering industry, it’s important that we push the next generation to explore ideas and technologies that keep us at the forefront of catering equipment and commercial kitchen installations.”

We know that Jamie is eager to push us to the next level and our customers just love working with him and the team. Glynn and I are proud to be welcoming him as Director and excited to see how IDS continues to grow across the South West and beyond.”

Thank you to Catering Insight for covering our latest news! If you’d like to see their article you can click here.


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