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This month we would like to share a perfect summer recipe for a juicy grilled steak prepared in HOUNÖ ovens. Follow our preparation and tips for the best results.

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Enjoy and keep on cooking!

Your HOUNÖ team

Grilled steak

4 portions


4 Sirloin steaks sliced 3 cm thick


1. Brush the steak lightly with oil and keep in the fridge

until ready for use.

2. Put the HOUNÖ Grilling grid into the oven before Preheat.

Cook using the following cooking steps

– Preheat – 250°C – 1 min

– Note – insert product (giving an alarm)

– Hot Air – 235°C – 100% Fan speed – 7 minutes

After cooking

Remove the whole tray carefully from the oven. Turn the steaks over and leave for a minimum 10 minutes to rest before serving.

Chef’s tip

The steaks will be cooked to Medium. Reduce or increase the cooking time for different cooking for more or less cooked steaks. .

Recommendation of the tray

HOUNÖ’s grilling grid with a top of the line coating is ideal for the grilling of meat, fish, poultry and vegetables. The grilling grid ensures distinct grill marks, excellent taste and quick preparation.

To find out more about this grilling grid please  Call one of the IDS Team Members on 01934-813686

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