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Food We Love with HOUNÖ – Poached Salmon

Lots of us have been discovering a new love for baking during lockdown and we’ve enjoyed seeing the #dancerecipes online.

We thought we’d share this great recipe from HOUNÖ to create a beautifully poached salmon for a clean, healthy and light tasting meal.

Poaching is one of the simplest ways to cook this popular fish – especially if you do it in a HOUNÖ combi oven 😉 It’s practically a no-fail dish for both the chef and the dining guest.

Poached Salmon

1 side of salmon with skin
15 gr fine salt (per kg fish)

1. Trim the salmon and remove any bones.
2. Cover the fish with the salt and leave for a minimum 30 minutes to let the salt soak into the fish.
3. Put the salmon with the skin facing up in a tray and place in the oven.
4. When the alarm sounds from the oven, the salmon is cooked and you can easily remove the skin.

Cook according to following method:
– Preheat – Steaming function – 65°C – 50% fan speed
– Load the oven and insert the probe (optional extra at standard ovens) in the thick part of the salmon – probe temperature 54°C

Chef’s Tip
If you want to serve the fish at a higher core temperature, avoid increasing
oven temperature too much. E.g. if you want a core temperature at 75°C
have the oven set at 80°C. This way you avoid drying out the fish.

Enjoy! Be sure to tag us if you try this recipe @idscatering on social media or #dancerecipes

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