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Food we love – BBQ Spareribs!

Are we going to get the hot weather we have all longed for since lockdown restrictions eased?! The weekend isn’t looking too bad so we thought it’d be a great time to share this HOUNÖ Sparerib recipe with you.


10 pcs Fresh Spareribs

300 g Ketchup

100 g Honey

300 g Brown Sugar

150 g Apple Vinegar

150 g Sweet Chili Sauce

100 g Soy Sauce

50 g Hot Sauce

35 g Salt

60 g Coffee

35 g Liquorice Syrup

30 g Smoked Paprika

50 g Dijon Mustard

5 g Chili Powder

8 g Garlic Powder

3 g Ginger Powder

10 g Celery Salt

5 g Lemon Pepper


Mix all ingredients but the spareribs in a bowl and stir until there are no lumps.

Spread the BBQ sauce on the ribs in a thin layer and cook in the oven. When finished put the ribs in the refrigerator.

Spread the ribs generously with BBQ sauce and cook in oven a second time.

When the ribs are done, brush more BBQ sauce for a shiny glazed finish.

Cook in touch ovens according to following method: — To cook the ribs go to the main screen press “recipes” then press “pork”. Scroll down to “spareribs / preparation”. Cook in touch ovens according to following method (2/2): — Form the main screen push “recipes” then “pork” then scroll down to “spareribs / grilling”.

Chefs tip

Add your favourite flavour to the BBQ sauce and make the recipe unique.

Enjoy! Be sure to tag us if you try this recipe @idscatering on social media or #dancerecipes

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