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Ian Dance Services wows with new display kitchen

Weston-super-Mare-based dealer, Ian Dance Services (IDS) has launched a new demonstration kitchen at its headquarters.

IMG_2837MD, Bruce Dance, detailed: “The reason we decided to set up the display kitchen was that often our clients would comment on their interests in purchasing a combination oven or large dishwasher but they could only view these expensive items in a magazine or online, or would have to travel a long distance.

“Those interested would shop online without getting the professional advice required.

“Many times we have been called up to install an appliance that will not either fit where they want it to or may not even have the required services.

“This then often turned out to be an expensive project that could have been avoided if they had sought our advice in the first instance.”

He added: “We wanted to be able to offer our clients and new customers the opportunity to come along and try out various units from different manufacturers in order to see what would suit them best.

“This facility is a great place for them to view in a relaxed atmosphere so they can learn more about these products and to get a real hands-on experience.”

Rational, Retigo and Maidaid appliances were installed at the facility.

On 18 August the kitchen hosted its first event, with Rational promoting its SCC101 5 senses unit.

Dance reported: “The event was a great success, with the customers commenting on the excellent facilities provided from IDS and the amazing advancements in technology that the new Rational oven has to offer.”

The next display event will be on Friday 26 August, where a Retigo chef will be demonstrating the Blue Vision and Orange Vision combination ovens, including the Retigo Vision Smoker.

Furthermore, the next Rational demonstration is set for Thursday 22 September.

IDS will be opening the kitchen everyday and a member of staff will be on hand to give a demonstration when required.

The Retigo Display

We had a successful couple of days when the Chef Jaroslav from Retigo flew over to give a demonstration on the Blue and Orange Vision ovens.

IMG_2847 IMG_2843

To see how things went you can view our live Facebook broadcast below:

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