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Wexiodisk Pot Dishwasher WD-90 DUO

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Product Specifications:

·      Connection power 14.7 kW. 25 A.Booster 12kW Insulated design with automatic hood lifting. Steam reduction as standard

·      9 Different wash programmes

·      Centrifugal spin cycle

·      Equipped with Break Tank and booster pump.

·      Back flow protection according to EN 1717.

·      Capacity: 6+1 pcs. 1/1 – 65 containers.

·      Measures: 850x1060x1690/2385 mm (BxDxH/H)

Web Tool for HACCP documentation for connection to external PC Equipped with:
1pcs round potwash cassette
1pcs dishwashing basket – glasses
1pcs dishwashing basket – flat plates
1pcs granule collector
1pcs dishwashing basket – cutlery
1pcs Cleaning scraper and 10 kg granules.



WD-90 DUO is a machine that takes care of both fine and heavily soiled dishes, with or without granules. The machine has an automatic hood and a through-pass, which promotes logistics as well as ergonomics and hygiene.

One unique function offered by WD-90 DUO is spin cycles when potwashing. Dirty washing water is spun off before the rinse cycle, reducing the amount of clean rinsing water. Following the rinse cycle, the dishes are spun a second time, which reduces the drying time.

  • Steam reduction as standard
  • Save energy and drying time with the condensing unit ECO-FLOW (option)
  • The hood design causes the steam to discharge at the back of the machine rather than out into the dishwashing room
  • Unique DUO system that washes everything from large pots to small glasses
  • No pre-washing and scrubbing by hand is required thanks to powerful washing with water and granules
  • Save energy and drying time with the optional ECO-FLOW
  • Easy to clean, which improves hygiene
  • Service-friendly – service is performed from the front or the side
  • Hood automation reduces the risk of strain injuries
  • A clear panel with nine programmes makes the machine easy to use
  • Short drying time with effective and energy-saving spinning technology



Complement with a collapsible table

Collapsible tables simplify stacking and can be fitted at the front or to the sides of the machine.

When the washing programme has finished, the hood opens just a little initially in order to let dry air into the machine. After a few seconds, the hood then opens fully, by which time the amount of steam is minimal, improving the working environment. For an even better working environment, you can opt for our ECO-FLOW technology.

Granules – The obvious choice!

Clean wash results without compromising on the environment are important factors for Wexiödisk. Of course, this also applies to heavy duty where we recommend using granules.

Granules are small, blue plastic balls. The washing tank is filled with them and during the course of the washing programme, circulate together with water and chemicals to remove food residue for dishes. The granules may seem small, but because they weigh more than water, they are also more powerful.

Tough dishes easily cleaned

An efficient and smooth-running dishwasher that does not require manual pre-rinsing or scrubbing thanks to heavy rinsing with water and granules. However, when washing glassware, we recommend you use programmes without granules.

In total there are 9 programme choices which meet a kitchen’s varying needs.

The hood design causes the steam to discharge at the back of the machine rather than out into the dishwashing room

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