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Wexiodisk Rack Conveyor Dishwasher WD-11

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Spec Sheet: 445089_WD_11_prodblad_ENG

Installation & User Manual: 288685_Installation_and_user_manual_WD-11

Warranty: Installation & repair by unauthorised technicians and the use of non-original parts immediately voids the warranty.

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Product Dimensions:

Width: 1355mm x Depth: 697mm x Height/Height: 1685mm/1950mm.


A simple, compact and flexible rack conveyor machine with a medium capacity that delivers excellent wash results.

This machine comes with a chemical washing zone, a dual final rinse and an electronic control system as standard.

The WD-11 has Wexiödisk’s unique basket feed system which allows for minimal operator contact time.

The large, well-balanced sliding doors make each of the washing areas easily accessible. The doors can also be removed to allow the back of the machine to be cleaned.

A smarter dishwashing room

Regardless of your dishwashing or needs or wash room layout, we can help you find a solution that makes the most of the space you have. Our dishwashing solutions can be installed in a number of different ways, straight or angled.

By adding different zones and accessories, the logistics of your dishwashing room can be optimised based on the available space.

Easy to clean…

The machine’s surfaces are smooth to make it easy for the operator to clean and maintain. The large, well-balanced sliding doors make all the washing areas easily accessible. The doors can also be removed to allow the back of the machine to be cleaned.

… and easy to use

The symbols on the control panel are easy to follow and give the user relevant information about washing, rinsing temperatures, alarms and more. Thanks to the heating and sound insulation, the surface temperature and noise levels are kept to a minimum, helping to achieve a good working environment.

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